Bingley Harriers Schools XC – 2023

Bingley Harriers Schools XC Races will take place on Wednesday 27th September at Wagon Lane, Bingley.

It is open for entries from both schools and also individuals if their school does not enter a team.

Information Sheet: click here
Entry form schools: click here
Entry form individual: click here

Held under U.K. Athletics rules.

FOR SCHOOL YEARS 5 TO 13.  Permit Applied for

Medals are to be awarded to the first 3 individuals in each age group immediately after each race.
Entry Fees £2.00 per individual. Races begin at 4.30pm

Girls (Year 5) 1 mile  – Boys (Year 5) 1 mile
Girls (Year 6) 1 mile  – Boys (Year 6) 1 mile
Girls (Years 7&8) 1.5 miles –  Boys (Years 7&8) 1.5 miles
Girls (Years 9&10) 1.5 miles   –  Boys (Years 9&10) 1.5 miles
Girls (Years 11/12/13) 2 miles  –  Boys (Years 11/12/13) 2 miles

Entries should ideally be received by Friday 22nd September.